Here’s the biggest single tip I can give you – Don’t think of cooking as a chore.  Think of it as an opportunity to eat better, cheaper, and cooler – and have some fun in the process.  If you can cook with your kids or with anyone really, you’ll find that cooking will enrich your life in lots of ways.  I particularly love making bread.  For years I tried without much luck, and then I discovered the technique using just my hands and the 12 qt tub.  Voila.  Now it’s one of my favorite things.

By the way – if your results vary (and they might) – don’t get all up in my grill!  You will still be eating well!

 Is home-made bread your hot button?

Click on any recipe title below to open a .pdf file that you can download and print!

Really cool, easy, delicious Bacon & Tomato Soup

White Bread on Steroids (ok, not really steroids, but way better than storebought)


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