Welcome to my Kitchen! .. (psst - it's not just for dads)

Learn some techniques

amaze your friends and neighbors with your new-found skills

Prepare some really nice dishes

easy to make - and easy to eat!

We'll show you some of the basic tools

and how to use them effectively

Don't be like this guy!

move out of the dark-ages and get comfortable in your own kitchen

Come in and relax - Let's cook something together

Video Library

Each video will feature a tool - a technique - and a recipe that ties it all together

Is home-made BREAD your hot button?

Here are some simple methods that will have you making great home-made bread stress-free!

Here are the basic tools that you'll need

Nothing extravagant - but you do need a few - and we'll show you how to use them correctly.
There's no excuse for being uncomfortable in the kitchen. Once you learn a few simple techniques you will be able to apply them to any recipe that you like.